14 Hair Color Terms to Know Before Your Salon Appointment

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  • Hair transformations can be daunting, and choosing the right hair color? Even more so.
  • Terms like “rooting,” “bronde,” and “balayage” can make deciding on a new look tricky.
  • We asked a professional hair colorist about the hair color terms you should know before making your next appointment.

Making big hair decisions can be a very daunting experience. If you’re anything like us, hair changes outside of a standard trim can seriously make you reconsider departing from just a wash and style at the salon. Not only is it hard to imagine what the color process will look like after your style is complete, but there are just so many terms to keep track of. (Like, seriously, what does “rooting” or “spongelights” mean?)

As intimidating as the task may be, thankfully, more salons are offering things like color consultations, allowing you to physically sit in a chair to talk through what you may want to do for your next hairstyle. But if even that is too much work for you (no judgment, we get it), we asked L’Oréal Paris celebrity colorist and stylist at Meche Salon, Kari Hill, to break down some of the hair terms you should know before your next appointments.

Ahead, learn about single vs. double process color and what “sombré” looks like directly from a pro. Gone are the days of choosing a look and just hoping for the best.

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