11 Best SPF Lip Balms for Sun Protection: Lip Balms With SPF

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Truth be told, many of us don’t leave the house without a lip balm (or lip gloss) in our purse. A swipe of the magical product can instantly relieve dry, chapped lips and leave our pout feeling plump and hydrated. But have you ever checked to make sure that your lip balm contains SPF?

“Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body,” explains Amy Peterson, medical aesthetician and founder of the medspa, Skincare by Amy Peterson. “They are made up of numerous  nerve endings, which lead to sensation and temperature sensitivity, and lack protection from a defensive membrane, which can increase their risk when exposed to the sun.” In other words, similar to our face, our lips need SPF to protect them from sun exposure, premature signs of aging, and environmental stressors. 

Applying lip balm with SPF will not only keep them hydrated but also prevent cracking, thinning, wrinkles, and more. “Over time, sun exposure can destroy collagen, leading to signs of aging, such as thinning lips,” explains Peterson. “Skin cancers are commonly found on the lips, which is an area many overlook when applying SPF to the rest of their face and body.” 

Ready to swap your lip balm for one with SPF? We’ve rounded up the best SPF lip balms that’ll instantly become your new favorites. 

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