10 Best Colored Mascaras to Make Your Eyelashes Pop

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According to 2022’s biggest beauty trends, Euphoria-esque eyes are the statement-making, serotonin-boosting look you’ve got to add to your beauty arsenal. From glitter eyeshadows to artfully designed colored eyeliners, it’s all about experimenting with bold, playful hues—especially on the eyes. Remember: There are no hard and fast rules to being creative when it comes to your eye makeup. One way to amp up your irises like a technicolor dream is to reach for a colored mascara instead of opting for basic black.

With a couple of swipes, a colored mascara will leave your eyes with an inconspicuous wash of pigment that will low-key enhance your look. However, if you pack on a few more coats, a colored mascara will transform your eye makeup into a head-turning moment.

Want to make your hazel eyes look more green? Try an emerald mascara to enhance the small specks of green in your iris. Want to make your brown eyes appear brighter? Opt for a violet mascara to make them appear deeper and more vibrant. Whatever you choose, one thing is for sure: a colored mascara will definitely bring some fun into your makeup routine. Ahead, we’ve rounded up our favorite picks that will bring attention to your eyes so they can do all the talking. Warning: You may fall in love with the way a new hue will enhance your eyes.

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