Friday, 9 December 2016

How to take care of Stockings & Pantyhose

I love wearing stockings under dresses and skirts, specially in winters. It helps in keeping my legs little warm with the illusion of flawless skin ;) 

How to take care of Stockings & Pantyhose

Recently I was noticing that most of my stockings were tearing apart, for no reason. I felt really sad when I had to throw a pair of stocking in almost every 3-4 weeks, that too after using only 5-6 times. I know stockings are very delicate and made from such thin material that these don't last long. But their durability or life period can definitely be increased by keeping some important things in mind:

Material of stocking - All women prefer buying sheer  stockings, which are really thin and delicate. But the thicker the material of stocking is, more durable it will be. Always check for the material while buying stockings. The one with atleast 15% spandex or lycra, is the best one to invest in.

Freeze your stockings - I was really surprised when I heard about this one but it really works. Before wearing your new stockings, just wet them and dry them (should not hanging though) and place them safely in freezer. Now your stockings are ready to wear after few hours. This definitely makes your stockings last really longer than usual.

Wear with caution - While putting on the stockings, it is advisable to apply a lotion onto your legs, to smoothen out the surface and put these on really carefully. Uneven hand or toe nails and coarse hair growth on legs are the main reason for wear and tear of stockings. Sometimes hand jewellery, like rings and bracelets or even toe rings can be the reason for that tear in your stockings. 

Prevention is better than cure - Once you have stockings on, avoid walking in them bare foot as it may result in further wear and tear. If somehow a small tear develops on the stocking, spray little amount of hairspray onto it. This is the best way to prevent further damage of your stockings.

Wash with extra care - Stockings are very delicate and in any case you should avoid washing these with other garments. Prefer to always hand wash your stockings in cold water with a mild detergent. Never squeeze your stockings after washing, instead soak the excess water with the help of towel. Always lay them flat on some surface to air dry and never hang.

How to take care of Stockings & Pantyhose

These things really worked for me. Hope you will find these useful. And if you know about any other way of making your stockings last longer, then please share. I always love to hear from my readers.



  1. Thanks for sharing these tips. Love your cute and simple outfit. Have a great weekend.

  2. I love panty hose too... they give a nice smooth look... when I was smaller I got into tights and I adored them. I try really hard to make them last long, I never knew about putting them in a freezer... I will have to try that out xox


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