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MAC Cosmo Lipstick Review And FOTD

 MAC Cosmo Lipstick Review And FOTD
There was a time I ran after all the bright colours possible, whether bright pinks, oranges and all sorts of reds. Then one day one of my friend suggested me to try natural lip colour as it will really suit me. So, I gave in and thought of trying one and started to find a natural lip colour from my favourite brand MAC. And then my journey started with neutral shades, starting with COSMO. In neutral and natural shades, Cosmo is my HG. I simply love this colour.

 I usually wear bright lip colors when I feel low but with smokey eyes and other days I simply love wearing this lipstick. It is a natural shade with a pink undertone. I wear it most of the time while going out or for my classes too. And it doesn't make me look odd, neither does it wash me out.

What the brand says:

MAC lipsticks are formulated to define, shade and showcase the lips.These are available in hundreds of hues and high-fashion textures. It is the iconic product that made M·A·C famous.


Like all other MAC lipsticks this too comes a matte black box, with a white print. Inside the case too, it's all black, glossy black. The quality of the packaging is quite good, sturdy and travel friendly.

MAC Cosmo Lipstick Review And FOTD

 $36 (AUD)  

MAC Cosmo Lipstick Review And FOTD

MAC Cosmo Lipstick Review And FOTD

Swatches & FOTD:

MAC Cosmo Lipstick Review And FOTD

In these pictures below I have applied MAC cosmo on my lips then dabbed a little with the help of a tissue paper to make it matt and here is the result.

MAC Cosmo Lipstick Review And FOTD

MAC Cosmo Lipstick Review And FOTD

I love how it comes out after a little dabbing with paper. Such a natural pink with no shine!!

My Views on MAC Cosmo Lipstick:                                                                                                                        
MAC cosmo is described as Pink Coco. And the finish is ultra creamy, quietly shiny and very moisturizing. It is a perfect shade for office wear and everyday use and will go well with smokey eyes. It stays on easily for upto 7 hours and starts turning matte as it starts to wear off. So swatches may differ depending upon the time you applied it.  

There are many dupes available for MAC but I do not find that finish with those and of course the staying power is also not that good. And what I have noticed with MAC lipsticks and its dupes is that MAC lipsticks really make you look pretty and most of the shades suit almost all skin tones while the case is different with dupes. 

I fully adore MAC Cosmo and it is a shade I am going to repurchase. Well, you may say I am obsessed with this particular colour and yes not to mention the compliments I get when I go out wearing this shade.

Perfectly suited for medium to fair complexions, may wash out dark skinned beauties but hey, anybody can wear it over well done makeup!!


- Very rich and creamy texture
- Long lasting
- Keeps lips moisturized
- Survives meals
- Doesn't feather or bleed
- Highly pigmented
- Suits all skin tones 
- Available easily

Cons :

- None.

Overall Rating:


I will definitely repurchase it and recommend it fully to everyone, no matter what your skin tone is. It is a must have shade for every women. All those who like neutral shades and shy away from bold colours, going to love it. It does hide all the pigmentation too. Don't forget to try it on your next visit to MAC :).


  1. You look lovely my dear! I love the lippie's color so much! very classy yet so subtle :)

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  2. The shade is so subtle... I will buy this on my next visit to MAC... Thank you for this awesome review... You are looking amazing...

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  5. So pretty, the shade looks amazing

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  7. This lipstick is one of my favorite. I know everyone love this one ^^

  8. I love that lipstick shade! It's beautiful!

    - Cait

  9. Love MAC lipsticks, and this colour is awesome!
    Thanks for your review dear! :)

  10. This is a great shade from MAC. Looks very pretty on you.


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