Saturday, 29 October 2016

Happy Halloween - Halloween Makeup Looks


As they say, practice makes a man/woman perfect. So I am practicing my makeup skills, then be it occasional makeup, dramatic or halloween. As halloween is just round the corner, today I want to share my halloween makeup looks with all my lovely readers.

This is one of the most famous halloween looks.

Next is Ice Queen look which I practiced on a dear friend of mine. Here are some shots:

Ice Queen Inspired Look

And how can we leave Vampire look while talking about halloween. Here it goes :)

 Vampire diaries

Products used:

Ben-Nye Face & Body Paints
Ben-Nye Eye Shadows
Ben-Nye Foundation Stick

Happy Halloween

Love to all
Ritcha :)

Friday, 21 October 2016

Lacura beauty mineral cream blush in 11 soft coral review and FOTD


Lacura beauty is a German Skincare Range which is available at all ALDI stores. One of the main reason that made me try this blush and few other lacura products is that these products are not tested on animals and most of the products are parabin free, as I am not sure about all but only those I have. 

These days I am more on trying phase, like I love to try new cosmetics and beauty products. But I still love my evergreen MAC, morphe, estee lauder and many other products. Still unless you try you never know which product is going to take a permanent place in your vanity. So, the formula is simple- keep on trying.

But it is risky sometimes as some products may cause allergy or breakouts and might not suit you. And as I have very sensitive and acne prone skin it's too risky for me to try on new  products. This being the main reason, I prefer to stay away from cream blushers. 

But as this product claims to be paraben free and mineral based, it was successful in insisting me for trying it.

What the brand says:


Though this blush is uber cheap yet I noticed that the brand has not compromised with the quality of packaging. I found the quality of outer box not that good but the blusher pot was really cute. This cream blusher comes in a transparent glass pot with a black cap, as you can see in pictures. The packaging is quiet sturdy, rich and travel friendly. I said rich as for the price you are paying you should not expect too much and this is indeed more than the expectations.




My Views on Lacura beauty mineral cream blush in 11 soft coral :

Well I was little scared while trying on this cream blush as I have been suffering through a bad skin phase for last few days. But when I tried this product it did not cause me any breakouts, so I can say that it is a quality product which will suit sensitive skin too, until and unless you are allergic to any of the ingredient. It is easy to apply but it lasts only for 4-5 hours and little less in humid weather.This pretty soft coral shade provides a very fresh pinkish coral color to the cheeks. 

If you have oily skin then you should avoid using this, specially in summers as it does smudge. But for dry skin beauties, it is a lovely blusher to try and really affordable. If you are looking for a normal budget blusher then it's a good one but I would not buy it again as I am not really a fan of cream blushers.

Pros : 

- Soft pink colour
- Inexpensive
- Sturdy and travel friendly packaging
- Perfect for dry to normal skin  

Cons :

- Availability
- Might not suit oily skin

Overall Rating :


Have you ever tried any of Lacura beauty's product? How did you find it?

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Bornprettystore Addiction and Haul

I guess I am getting addicted to this website. They have all kind of stuff and so affordable prices that it doesn't pinch to buy something for even trying. I was so happy with my last haul from bornprettystore that I keep surfing this site for more and more products. But yes, it is so tempting that you have to control yourself.

So now I placed another order with bornpretty :P. I admit that it is really hard to control when you get everything for such cheap prices, but then I had to stop somewhere na!! Bankruptcy is also not good....right :).

What all I got this time, have a look -

This waterproof black eye liner pen is perfect for those cat eyes and thin lines. Its ultra smooth formula provides the precision of a liquid liner and I liked the quality too, as it did not cause any irritation to my eyes.
Price - $4.34

Disposable mascara and gloss wands are a must for makeup artists. So, I ordered these disposable lip brushes from bornpretty store. These are best used to apply lip gloss and lip stains. It can also be used to apply concealer around mouth and nose. These are so cheap, that you can easily throw these after every use.
Price: USD $4.36 for 50 wands

These round powder puff pads are a must have tool for beauty makeup. These are perfect for applying powder and to protect makeup while you wear this on finger. 
Price: USD $3.22 for 5Pcs/set

This stainless steel eyelash curler is perfect choice to curl eyelashes, specially to curl outer lashes. It is a rule of thumb to curl lashes before applying mascara as it makes lashes look longer while curving them upwards.
Price: USD $2.78 

The stuff looks good and all this came at a cost of  $10 (approx) is again a great thing. At least, the splurging doesn't make me feel guilty.

Hope you like my haul. You can check my previous bornpretty haul here. Do have a look on Bornprettystore website. I am sure you will find some enticing products there, if nothing else, then their nail art stuff is unavoidable.

All "" readers can avail a 10% off on any of the item on BornPrettyStore by using coupon code RCHT10. Hurry up and place your order.

Happy Shopping
Ritcha :)

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Glassy Junction Cafe/Bar/Restaurant - Review

Glassy Junction Cafe/Bar/Restaurant at Malvern - Review 
I always prefer preparing breakfast on weekends for my hubby. But there are few days when I feel lazy to cook and suggest him to take me out for breakfast. :P I love to eat and trying different places to eat. I am a big foodie and need to eat in every mood and situation. I have tried many Restaurants in Melbourne.

This saturday, I had an appointment with doctor and then there was a plan to go and witness some great scenic view. So, we decided to go out for the breakfast and try some new restaurant this time. There it was, Glassy Junction, situated at Malvern, which is a bar, cafe and a fine dining restaurant offering Indo-Chinese, Indian, Fusion, Muglai and Street Food. This restaurant also provides Asahi tap bear and Shisha.

 Glassy Junction Cafe/Bar/Restaurant at Malvern - Review

 Glassy Junction Cafe/Bar/Restaurant at Malvern - Review

The sitting was fine and I liked it hygienically too. The decor is not worth talking about but I really liked the way they have decorated the counter area, near entrance.

We reached there around 11a.m. Then after 5-10 minutes, the guy came to us and asked what we would like to eat i.e; breakfast or what. I always prefer Indian food over any other cuisine. We told him that we would like to have breakfast, so he came with a menu which only had few items printed on it, with only 1-2 vegetarian dishes and rest of the dishes were non vegetarian. Did I tell you I am vegetarian, pure one, not even eggs? Yes, I am hard core vegetarian. Well coming back to the menu, none of the items on the menu tempted me to try. No Indian dish was there in breakfast menu. So, we called the guy again and told him that we need something Indian like Chhole bhature. His statement was, "that's why I asked if you want breakfast or something else".  How could we, usually every Indian restaurant has Chhole bhature in breakfast menu!! Anyways he came again with another menu and then vanished away and we waited unacknowledged for almost 10 minutes, then he came to take the order only after we called him.

Glassy Junction Cafe/Bar/Restaurant at Malvern - Review 

 Glassy Junction Cafe/Bar/Restaurant at Malvern - Review

We placed our order for one plate chhole bhature and one plate aloo poori. Typical Indian na :P But what to do, I love Indian junk food or you may say street food. Now we were eagerly and hungrily waiting for our order to arrive. Ofcourse we were not expecting out food to arrive within 10 minutes but it was not there even after 20 minutes of placing the order. So, my hubby went up to the counter to ask the guy how much time it will take!! As we were getting really late and already spent more than 30 minutes there for no good reason. The guy said that sir, we were not expecting an order of chhole bhature at the time of breakfast, so it is taking time. I liked his honesty but this is not the way to run a restaurant my dear. It was already 12 and a restaurant which is open since 7a.m. is not expecting a complete order. I do not really get it.

Finally our order arrived after a very long wait. Our hunger had reached great heights by that time. Bhatura and poori (Indian fried bread) looked very oily, otherwise it has never been so at any other restaurant. I took one bite of bhatura and after putting it in my mouth...ummm was so delicious that I forgot everything. Then it was aloo poori's turn..yum yum. Both the dishes were really very delicious and satisfied taste buds really well.

Glassy Junction Cafe/Bar/Restaurant at Malvern - Review

 Glassy Junction Cafe/Bar/Restaurant at Malvern - Review

 Glassy Junction Cafe/Bar/Restaurant at Malvern - Review

 They serve aloo poori and chhole bhature with pickle and cucumber raita (yogurt). There was no salad or onions, which is a must with this kind of food. He also gave us tissue papers/napkins only when we asked for. And the restaurant was not even much busy. There were only 2  tables occupied except ours. But yes we really enjoyed the food as it was really delicious. The flavour of Chhole (chickpea curry) was so good and original.

After finishing the food, when we were paying at the counter, the guy told us that the other guy who accompanies him in running the business is sick and therefore he is having tough time in managing everything. Finally, we got a genuine reason for the delay in everything. I will definitely prefer take away from this restaurant than dine in. As it was my first experience and I did not find anything good except the flavour of the food, if we ignore the super greasy Bhature.

The other time we ordered Dal Makhni and naan for takeaway and there was no salt in dal. Also, there were no pickle, curd, onion or anything, like all other restaurant give.

$50 for two people (approx.)

7 AM to 11 PM


- Fine ambience
- Great hygine
- Bar and sheesha also available
- Inexpensive
- Home delivery 
- Outdoor sitting is also available
- Opens at 7a.m.

- Takeaway rates are different than dine in
- Very slow service
- Average taste
- No complimentary item is served with food like onion etc.

Overall Rating:

I would not recommend it for dine in or take away too, as my experience with same was not good in both the cases.