Friday, 29 July 2016

Bellabox July 2016 Unboxing And Review

Hello Pretties :)

Today, I am here with another wonderful box which is always full of cute surprises - My Bellabox for July 2016.

Bellabox July 2016 Unboxing And Review

A box full of many surprising makeup and beauty products. And everybody loves surprises. It is a great way of discovering and experimenting with new makeup and beauty brands and their products. Bella box team customizes each and every box as per your preference. It contains 4-5 sample size products and 1-2 full size products. And the actual cost of one full size product is more than the box itself. So, it is a great way of self pampering without any loss.

Revo Lip Balm

Bellabox July 2016 Unboxing And Review

It is enriched with vitamin E, conditioning oils and moisturizing aloe. It comes in various flavours, mine is watermelon. I found its cute packaging and shape really impressive. It gives long lasting moisture to the lips and glides on precisely.

Bioderma Hydrabio Micellaire Solution

Bellabox July 2016 Unboxing And Review

 It is a daily cleansing and makeup removing water, very gentle on face and eyes. It not only removes the makeup but also moisturizes the skin.I have been using micellar water for long time but of some other brand. I wanted to use bioderma but it was little expensive to try on. After finding sample size of same in my bellabox, I got very excited ans yes, now after trying it, I am definitely going to buy it in full size as soon as I can afford it :P. But, at least, now I am aware of a good product which is in my hitlist!!

Palmer's Facial Cleansing Oil 

Bellabox July 2016 Unboxing And Review 

 It also has a small sachet of Palmer's ultra gentle facial cleansing oil. It is infused with 7 pure oils and botanicals. This deep cleansing oil blend emulsifies with water on to remove impurities and leave skin soft and fresh.It is free of parabens and good for removing eye makeup.

Bioderma Hydrabio Light Cream

Bellabox July 2016 Unboxing And Review 

A daily moisturizing cream for dehydrated and sensitive skin.  I liked its mild yet rich fragrance. Well the fragrance of cream matters a lot to me and it really impressed me. It is very light on the skin and makes my face feeling refreshed. It claims to retrain the skin by activating its natural moisturising capacities by stimulating water channels and production of aquaporins in the skin and retain the water it needs, thus making it balanced.

Pretty Woman Nailmedic Nail Revolution, 3 Phase Nail And Cuticle Treatment

Bellabox July 2016 Unboxing And Review 

 Again this one is one of my favourite product in this month's bellabox. A revolutionary anti aging nail treatment system designed to nourish, detoxify and protect damage-prone cuticles and nails. It is naturally infused with cranberry extract, keratin protein and shea butter. I liked it the most and it is perfect for gifting too.


Bellabox July 2016 Unboxing And Review 

Now, it was something new to know about. A sample size bottle of baimeni hydrating eye and face serum. It contains hyaluronic acid, which intensifies skin hydration. Use it before moisturiser and after cleansing your face. I love face serums and getting to try on new brand is definitely a plus.

Gosh Mono Eyeshadow in Aubergine 016

Bellabox July 2016 Unboxing And Review

 I have seen this brand at Big W stores but never thought about trying Gosh eyeshadows and I am yet to try it on my eyes. But I am loving the color and texture and I am sure that it will look good on eyes. It comes in a smooth powder formulation. It has very subtle shimmer and will look good during day, while layering up is necessary for dark intense look. I will try to review it sooner with an eotd :).

Bellabox July 2016 Unboxing And Review

All pretty stuff comes in a cute mint box packaging.

I was very impressed with my last bellabox, which I have reviewed here, so I ordered again and I am more than happy to get these all adorable and quality products. I am definitely going to subscribe it further. The day I get bellabox in my mail, I feel so special and excited while unpacking the box.

I would surely recommend this amazing subscription box to my lovely friends too. You don't lose anything. In fact, you get to try on some awesome products which you may not be knowing of otherwise. Just give it a try. I am sure you won't be disheartened.

Love all

Ritcha :)

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Get rid of Acne overnight - Dream Dots Review

 Dream Dots Review
Be it a teenager or a person in early twenties, a girl or boy, almost everybody suffers from acne and pimples. And in some cases it gets so severe that everything fails and the one, who is suffering, going through that situation feels really humiliated with so many scars and spots. Not only in teenage or early twenties but one may face acne in late twenties or at any stage of life due to hormonal changes and stress and many other reasons.

I had severe acne problem in my teenage and I still breakout every now then and specially during that time of month, I always get one pimple on my face prior to my date. Till date, I am not able to find any fixed and permanent cure for acne. Proper skin care routine and healthy eating habits may reduce it. I heard somewhere about Dreamdots, which are known to vanish acne/spot overnight. I got very keen on trying these.

What the brand says:

A dream dot is a unique super absorbent hydro matrix round patch, which targets and cures spots and breakouts overnight. It doesn't contain any harsh ingredients, yet gives dramatically effective results. It is waterproof, satin-smooth, breathable with wafer like thin surface and acts seamlessly as a second skin, conforming to any contour of the face. 

When brought in contact with the spot, its patented core locks in and absorbs the spot exudate and then a healing environment is formed, maintaining ideal temperature and hydration levels and pH balance, while sealing in all the repair factors which leads to fast healing. Acne/pimple pain is reduced as nerve endings are properly cushioned and protected in this moist condition. When removed in the morning, the patch will swell and turn white overnight, resulting in visibly reduced redness and inflammation.

Dream Dots Review

How it works:  

Dream Dots won’t dry out, hurt or sting your skin, like some creams and ointments may do. These are breathable and durable and have an opaque satin lining which conceals while heal. Once sealed these conforms to any contour of the face, just like second skin. Dream dots are used on pimples, spots, acne and zits, giving dramatically powerful and effective results, using no harsh ingredient.

How to apply:

1. Take one dream dot and peel it half.
2. Apply it onto the spot and peel off the outer layer completely.
3. Press it on the spot for approx 5 seconds.
4. Apply Dream dots before going to bed and leave overnight for 6-10 hours.


 Dream Dots Review

Dream Dots Review

Dream Dots Review

Dream Dots Review

Dream Dots Review


 $17.99 AUD

My Views On Dream Dots :

After hearing about these, I was really excited to try on these as acne is something everybody hates, so do I. And we all dream of that flawless and spotless skin. Though beauty is in the heart but I love doing makeup and I need a clear skin for that.

The adhesive is very gentle on the skin and feels like second skin. You will not get irritated while rolling or moving. I thought that it will not stay on place till morning, as I don't sleep that peacefully :P but to my surprise it did survive all that and was there on the same place in the morning too. It does reduce redness, inflammation and size of pimple and really makes it vanish overnight. I was so happy when I tried these for the first time. The second time when I applied this dot on my very big and painful pimple, I was sure it would not help. I left it there for almost 15-20hrs and then to my surprise the pimple was completely gone. Thank god as it was my niece's birthday same day ;). God plays tricks on such days na!!

I may sound stupid but I went for shopping while the dot was still there on my face, which I applied last night. As it was my niece's first birthday function in the evening and I had to make that big pimple vanish. And the dot really worked. Being honest I never imagined that there can be something like this for vanishing pimples.

This pack contains 24 dots, as there are 4 strips with 6 dots on each strip. These are available on Terry White and all Chemist Warehouse Pharmacies Australia wide and also available online on Dreamdotsforspots website.

 It does relieve the pain in a single night but to erase the spot completely it may take 3-4 nights or simply some extended hours. I prefer removing acne in single use, leaving the dot on it for one day and night, depending upon the size of acne. But it does make the pimple heal 80-90% faster than other things and that too without drying out the skin.

It is really easy to use this product. As the product says, in the morning the dot will have turned white in colour but I did not notice any such change in colour but yes it did reduce the size of pimple. When applied only overnight, it made pimple vanish in 3 days that too without pain. These are like plaster and the colour is almost similar to skin so don't look odd at all. Anyways you have to apply these at night. A pimple which usually takes 6 days, vanishes in almost 3 using these dream dots or 1 day the way I use these. I am loving it.

These are available at all chemist warehouse stores, terry white and also in other pharmacies. Though availability may be an issue but these can be bought directly from dream dots website and they offer worldwide shipping and by using the code "Dream10" you will get a discount of 10%. This product may be your saviour if you get a pimple before some special occasion. Have it with you and worry no more. 

Overall Rating:


I would definitely recommend it to all those who suffer from acne/pimple problems, no matter how severe it is. Also, all those who got a surprise pimple before some important occasion like me, it is the best way to make your skin pimple free and that too within a very short span of time, within 24hrs. Thats it!!

All myfashionfootprints readers can get a further 10% discount by using the code "Dream10" while placing the order HERE.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation 200 soft Beige - Review and FOTD

Talk about foundations, I always prefer matte ones over others. Why!! Oh, I have super duper oily skin. So, basically, matte ones too turn oily for me after 4-5 hours.

A mousse foundation, which claims to give nice coverage, is ultra light weight and keep your skin matte, definitely makes me rush to try it. Matte is the word every girl with oily or acne prone skin is familiar too and its something we love. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation is one such product, which made me running to the store to try and buy it when it was on a special discount. I have used Rimmel's BB creams in the past and still find those best ones. If I talk about the best drugstore brand for face then Rimmel tops the list, be it the foundations, bb creams, stay matte power or primer.

While going through all the shades, I found 200 soft beige a perfect match for my skin. I think rimmel offers very nice quality for a super inexpensive price. I have tried many foundations within same range of other brands too, but this one wins the race for me. 

What the brand says:

This extra lightweight mattifying foundation controls shine all day and give natural matte finish. Its silky smooth texture leaves you with a natural-looking, baby-soft finish that won't feel heavy or greasy.



 It comes in a squeeze tube packaging. The quality is perfectly fine and travel friendly. Only the required amount comes out of the tube and its neither too thin nor runny.


May Contain : TITANIUMDIOXIDE (CI 77891), IRON OXIDES (CI 77492, CI 77491, CI 77499).


$14.95 for 30ml



My Views on Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation :

The texture is so soft and creamy just like butter, of course it is mousse foundation so it has to be soft and it blends so easily without any special effort. It doesn't make your face look cakey and is very lightweight. It gives a natural matte coverage to the face. Though the coverage is not as good as Estee Lauder double wear, but then there is a huge difference among the price of two. If you have problem skin or acne marks then this foundation may not be able to hide those.

I always prefer to set my foundation with some loose power as it makes everything stay in place, specially in humid weather. But in the pictures below I haven't applied any loose powder above this foundation, just to show my readers how it really looks. I wish it had SPF too, as I prefer foundation which comes with SPF so that I do not need to use sunscreen and only foundation is enough.

It blends so nicely and makes the skin look naturally flawless, covering all the little flaws and discoloration too. Best suited for combination to oily skin beauties. I think it will suit dry skin too, when applied over a moisturizer.

To make it stay longer, apply loose powder over it to fix it, otherwise it may bleed in very humid weather, I mentioned very humid as it rarely bleeds in humid weather too but I haven't taken risk yet. :P


- Light weight
- Inexpensive
- Natural finish
- Easy to blend
- Doesn't cause breakout
- Perfect for oily/combination skin
- Easily available


- No SPF
- Light coverage

- No major flaws covered (I didn't expect too :))

Overall Rating:


I will definitely recommend and repurchase it too.  It is perfect budget foundation for daily wear and doesn't make a hole in pocket.

Which is your favourite daily wear foundation? Do you prefer high or light coverage?