Friday, 30 October 2015

Irresistible Me Hair Highlights Review & OOTD

I love my hair and I used to love experimenting with cuts when I was in high school. But now I only experiment with hairstyles as my mom doesn’t allow me to cut or color my hair, but trim. Yes, I wanted to color my hair, at least highlights, since I left high school. But hair color or highlighting is something which destroys the original quality of hair making them lifeless. This is what my mom thinks. And I haven’t been there, so can’t comment.

Then one day this wonderful website came to my delight. This is a company which specializes in clip in human hair extensions, highlights and lace wigs. Hair extensions are great for all those who have thin, short or light hair, as these will fulfill your wish of fuller, heavy and longer hair. O yes ;)

The website has wide variety of clip in hair extensions to choose from; silky touch, royal remy hair, volume vixen, highlights and ponytails. I really liked multiple options but as I have already thick hair, I don’t think there is need for extensions but highlights. So, these hair highlights really appealed to me and made me eager to try on. The website offers a wide variety of colors to choose from and in royal highlights they mix two colors or you may say these are custom made. So you are free to choose one hair color of your own and one of your choice. Or just choose two highlighting shades of your choice, this is just what I did :).

Irresistible Me Hair Highlights Review & OOTD

Today, I am trying on these hair highlights from IrresistibleMe. Best thing is these are very easy to use as clips are attached to all the sections and you can choose extensions or highlights of any length, color or volume. The prices range from $129-$299 depending upon the length and weight of the extensions or highlights, you can choose from 100g, 140g, or 200g and 20 inches and above are only available in 200g. The website provides free global shipping on all orders over $150 and free exchange and returns.

There are 12 options of different  colors to choose from. The highlights I chose are Ash Blonde and Ginger and of 24 inches length and weighs 200gm.

Irresistible Me Hair Highlights Review & OOTD

What the website claims:

With Royal Highlights, we give our customers complete control and customization of their order! You can choose any 2 colors from the list above, as well as the length and the weight of the extensions. Our highlight clip-in extensions are made with Royal Remy hair, which is our deluxe line of clip-in hair extensions.


We use top of the line hair and a special treatment unique to Irresistible Me to add extra silkiness and durability and make these the best hair extensions you can find.

The thickness of the hair is amazing which will provide a lot of body and bounce while wearing them.

This hair extensions are easy to blend with your own hair and can be very easily washed, heat styled, cut and colored.


100% Human Indian Remy hair extensions (highest quality hair)


200 g sets (10 pieces) - 1 pc of 4 clips (7.5"), 2 pcs of 3 clips (6"), 5 pcs of 2 clips (4"), 2 pcs of 1 clip (1.2")


These extensions came very nicely packed in a royal black box, each packed separately and very securely. I loved the high quality, natural looking highlights and clips on the wefts make it very easy to use and remove afterwards. These are very soft and sleek, just like natural hair. Some extra clips are also provided in case you destroy any. Good feature.

These are easy to wash but do take proper care while washing, always use a good quality shampoo and conditioner. These are easy to style and curl or to make any hairstyle. If you are bored of the color, you can dye/color these for a change. A big wow for that.

My Experience with these highlights –

Till now, I have done only a few experiments with these highlights. These are quite bulky and when added to my hair, oh, I have a head fullllll of hair. Too much :P that most people can only dream of…. Hehehe. Feels like my head would come down ;).

I love the colors and feel of these highlights. These have fulfilled my hair coloring desires. Now, I won’t ruin my hair by going for hair treatments and repeated colorings. There are 10 pieces of highlights in total I have got and all are equal length. I apply them as per my convenience – all at once or may be 2-3 pieces only. They stick to hair perfectly. No ditching episodes I have faced till date.

Irresistible Me Hair Highlights Review & OOTD

These are straight and to try the promise made by brand, I curled them to see the effect and voila, curled properly and curls stayed on pretty well. In fact, I have left 2 of the highlights curled and they still have nice waves to them. So, I would say, the curls remain till the time you give them a wash or straighten them with iron.

Irresistible Me Hair Highlights Review & OOTD

As you know, I already have long hair, I ordered the longest length highlights but even these are short for my hair length. Hence, I have to attach them a little far away from my scalp, say leaving approx 4 inches of length and then clip on extensions. But that caused no trouble at all and the extensions remained securely clipped.

There is a little bit of fallout from these highlights so you have to take good care of them. No that they fall everywhere but a little bit. My advice is to use them and carefully remove them and store them safely again. Don’t leave them here and there and wash and clean them properly.

Irresistible Me Hair Highlights Review & OOTD

Irresistible Me Hair Highlights Review & OOTD

Irresistible Me Hair Highlights Review & OOTD

Irresistible Me Hair Highlights Review & OOTD

These are pretty new to me and I am adoring them. But when I get bored of the colors, I will surely try some new colors on them and will share my experience and new look. For the time being, these are making me super happy :).

Irresistible Me Hair Highlights Review & OOTD

Good thing  about these highlight extensions is the ease of applying and removing and the natural look and feel of these pretties. When I started, I was a little skeptical whether application will be easier or no and removal too. I was fearing that these will mess up my original hair and will tangle. But no, the brand has made these beautifully. The application is smooth, the removal is smoother and no tangling :). Just detach the clips like those tic-tac hair pins and take out. Ten on ten from me.

MFP Rating –

I usually give rating out of 5. But, a 10/10 for these highlights from me. Thank you Irresistible Me for fulfilling my desire of highlights without going through all those chemicals. And thank you for the amazing quantity – 10 pieces. Some thick, some thin, some thicker :). Since I already have thick hair and my sister too, we have distributed the highlights :P. An idea for you too. It will make owning these beauties cost effective to you. Girlies listening!! Go get these. You can’t and shouldn’t afford to miss them.