Thursday, 20 August 2015

How to get those perfect brows - Shaping and other facts

I am really sorry for being MIA for so many days. Everytime I write a post here, I try to be more regular with my future posts but always get stuck in something. But from now onwards I will try to be more regular as life is back on the lane. 

This time, we will talk about eyes.

Eyes say a lot about our personality.
Eyes are a reflection of our heart.
Eyes are the most prominent beauty feature.
Eyes catch most attention during any conversation.
Eyes play the lead role on your first date ;).
Eyes show all the emotions be it being loved, naughty, emotional, se*y, sarcastic, or caring.
Eyes show it all :)

And eyebrows are the gateaway to all these beautiful things eyes do :). So better take much care while shaping and defining your brows. 

Today I am here with certain facts, which every girl should know about her Eye Brows

Eternal Truth:

Both the eyebrows can never be identical when its all natural. There will be atleast a little difference among both. Your eyebrows might resemble each other but will not be symmetrical.  But yes you can ofcourse shade them or shape them as identical. 

A little guide to shaping and defining your brows:

-To balance closer set eyes like Jennifer Aniston, begin the brows slightly farther apart and for eyes wide apart begin little closer.

-Do keep in mind that ending point of the brow and beginning point of brow should be in same level. Ending should not drop below starting level and should not be higher either.

-Always prefer thick brows if you are blessed with enough growth. Beware of thin brows as thin brows make you look older than your actual age. 

-While shaping or filling your brows use a pencil or powder that actually matches the real color of your brows and please don't go for jet black as it will completely spoil the look making it all look fake.

Tip Of The Day:

If you want to grow more hair on your brow line, simply dip a kajal pencil in olive oil and apply it on your brow line. This will eventually make more hair grow on your brow line. And you will get not thickest but definitely more eyebrows than you had. It has been tested and proved. Enjoy full brows and look s*xy ;)

All points done. Now you can teach your beautician few lessons about shaping brows. Oh, but why most of them can't shape brows properly!! Yeah... we are not blessed with identical brows but we go to them to achieve that only. Why do they play havoc and remove one arch!! Why do they make variation in length of brows!!

Learn more and keep an eye on such disasters because for those doe shaped eyes you need a nice set of brows too :) only then will you be able to make someone fall into the depth of your eyes ;).

Have a great day!!