Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Essential Tips For Applying a Concealer Effectively

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Today, I am going to share with you all some tips on how to apply concealer effectively.

We all apply concealer, specially the one's who have acne marks or wrinkles or oily skin. But do we know the correct way to apply concealer!! Today I am here with some tips for applying concealer effectively.

Read on to know more:

You should first apply moisturizer with SPF for helping concealer to glide on smoothly. Now only use concealer where it is needed like blemishes and under eye circles. You could try a concealer in an appropriate shade matching your skin tone. Apply in small stripes using pointed concealer brush and blend it using ring finger giving lightest touch.

Tip 1: For getting at fine lines, make use of point of the brush.

For getting absolutely even skin the speedy way, make use of foundation stick for getting an even skin tone. Use stick as giant marker and draw thick lines below cheekbones, above brows and sides of the nose and blend it with the fingers. In case you wish to appear slightly more sun-kissed, use second stick before blending. Stick should be two to three shades darker and use in same places for getting streak-free glow. Both colors should be mixed together on your face and below on your neck with fingers.


Tip 2: For lighter coverage rub moisturizer on hands prior to applying concealer.

Those wanting lighter coverage should rub moisture on hands before blending for dewy finish. If mark is still there, it should be concealed with additional layer of concealer.  You can buy a good complexion Concealer using www.Savemypocket.in. It will help in shrinking the blemishes. It should be dabbed on top of blemish using pointed brush. For avoiding cakeyness, perimeter should be patted outwards till it smoothens with ring finger.

Tip 3: Increase make-up stay power, apply face powder with a puff

In order to get stay power, powder should be applied on top with puff for absorbing oil and preventing the cover-up from sliding. Instead of shading and sculpturing the cheekbones with brush and powder, try cream brush for glow-from-within effect. Apply to apples of cheek and blend color up towards temples with the fingers. In case you are color shy, intensity should be built by layering it on gradually.

Tip 4: Defuse foundation by applying little at a time

Clown like situation should be defused by applying little foundation on top rather than washing it completely and starting from scratch. To get pro-looking eye makeup within no time, have wash of sheer and using pointer finger apply shimmery cream shadow beginning lash lines to the brow bones. Use Illuminance Cream Shadow in the Copper Canyon that is available in shades needed for creating this look. For fair skin, try silver white shade and for medium to the dark skin tone, go for champagne color which can be bought at discounts using Nykaa.

Tip 4: If lids are oilier, primer should be used all over them so that the shadow lasts.

Use gold and bronze cream shadow for giving the eyes more depth. Using flat shadow brushes apply bronze shade in the creases and smudge it down on lids with your fingers avoiding brow bones. It should appear effortless and blended. Cream should be set with matching powder eye shadow to have everything budge-proof. 

Thats all friends. I do hope you liked the tips as these are so handy and easy to follow.
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