Monday, 20 April 2015

A very refreshing trip to Philip Island and OOTD

Hey lovelies :)

Today I woke up from a long sleep and got to know that i have a blog too....yeyyy :D. 
Well just kidding, I didn't forget it but was damn busy in my new life and managing things on my own. Its really difficult, hope you all understand.

Since last year, life is moving really fast for me, so many big changes in a short time and I am just trying to adapt to everything. A big thanks to Charu, my darling sister who has been a constant support for me in all the evens and odds of life, since childhood she is always there for me no matter what. She understands even before I say it. She can feel it if I am happy or sad, even if we are miles away. One more thing, now onwards I will try to be more regular in posting on my blog and yes I must say I really missed you all and reading on your lovely blogs.

Today I am in mood to share with you all few pictures from my last trip. I, clicked by Mr. Mine, we both are really fond of wandering and visiting new places, so thats like a perfect match hihi ;)

Last weekend we visited Philip Island, Victoria, Australia. Its a great weekend escape to re-energise and you get to relax with diverse beaches and see native wildlife and if you have that adventurous bone, you have so many thing to do and explore. 

Top - Zara
Leggings - Forever21
Boots - Venus Steps

Thats it my lovely friends.
Hope you liked the post.

Do shower your love. I love to have that.

Ritcha :)