Saturday, 18 October 2014 Review and Haul

I am back without a bang!! I will again be playing hide and seek till my marriage and oh yes, after that too ;). I deserve this break, no!!

So, while doing all the shopping and spending, I have come across many places, good for shopping wedding attire and related items. Similarly, I have found some goods, some very goods and some not so goods on web too. These days I am much into online shopping too like for neckpieces, trinkets and some small accessories, I am preferring online shopping as I don’t get the time to shop such small items in various crowded markets.

During one such shopping spree, I found, an online website that has all the good stuff related to makeup, beauty, skin, hair, footwear, accessories, bags and all the items that are beautiful J. They have a very nice feel to the website, so girlish, so fresh. A very easy to navigate website is where you can easily find and locate your favs. claims to deliver products to Delhi customers in 24 hours and yes, they are true to their words. When I got confirmation for my 1st order from them, the next day I received my parcel. Isn’t it too good!! You don’t have to wait for days or even months sometimes to lay hands on your favourites. I am so happy with their super fast shipping.

Now, coming to the products, you must check out their accessories section. They have got some amazing hair bands and earrings at affordable prices and boy, you gotta see their clutches and handbag collection too. they are superb. I could not resist the temptation and ended up getting a beautiful clutch for me :). Check it out.

They have some offers and deals and sales going on all the time which may benefit you as who doesn't like freebies n deals ;). I got one belt too. Check it here -

Now comes the most amazing part of my shopping with I ordered only 2 products and what I got in return!!

One cute pair of earrings. Now, isn't that amazing. I haven't thought so, but they thought :). I loved the gesture. I am in for them.

I would surely recommend you to try for your hauls and shoppings related to all products and items considered girlish or classy :). They have a very nice service and customer care and amazing products too.

Do Shop!!

Stay Beautiful :)

Ritcha :)