Saturday, 30 August 2014

My 1st Blogger Award - Sunshine Award :)

sunshine award

Hi Lovelies :)

Here I am with my 1st award - The Sunflower Award :).
I feel so happy about it. What a lovely name!! Thank you Jackie dear for nominating me. It feels great to be nominated by you. I know most of you must be knowing Jackie for her amazing sense of style. Here is her blog link. Do check her out :)
So, let me tell you some simple rules for this blogger award –
Share 11 Fact about yourself
Answer the question set by the blogger that nominated you
Nominate 11 bloggers
Set 7 questions for nominated bloggers

Yo. That’s it. I am here with my 11 facts.

11 Facts about me:
I love photography.
I am very emotional and sensitive.
Love yoga and the energy it gives.
I love kids, they just boost up my mood even on a dull day.
I am crazy for ice creams, chocolates and gol gappa's :D

I like man with beard. ;)
I just can't stand people with negative vibes.
Love to travel and searching for new places. 
Enjoy family outings more than anything. 
Take me to shopping anytime.
I am as I am and don't like to show off.

Now comes the question part – those questions which Jackie has compiled for me :)

1. What are your expectations from your blog?
I want it on top touching sky ;) but still satisfying for my senses and creativity :)

2. What topics you prefer to read?, makeup, hair,, romance....anything I can read :)

3. If you were at the mall and have one choice, what would you buy clothes or makeup?
Makeup ;)

4. Favorite movie of 2014?
The fault in our stars.

5. Which you prefer yogurt or icecream?
 I guess you already know it, ice cream :)

6. Your favorite hobbie?
Photography and travelling.

7. Do you get intimidated by others?
hmmm....sometimes :)

Thats it. Now, you know a bit more about me. 2-3 more awards and my secrets will be spilled here ;)

Now, let me nominate some of my dear friends for this sunshine Award!!

My nominees are :

7 Questions:

1. Do you believe in ghosts? If yes, why?
2. Shopping with boyfriend/hubby or with friends?
3. What kind of things you hide from your family?
4. Fruits or junk food?
5. Your most embrassing moment of life?
6. Most rejoiced moment?
7. What kind of people you like to be friends?

Yooooo...answers gals ;) Do tag me. I would love to read more about you :)

Stay healthy and happy


Monday, 18 August 2014

Diana of London Nail Polish Maple - 02 Review and Swatches

Hi All.

Today, I am going to review a very pretty nail paint from the range of ‘Diana of London’. The shade name is ‘Maple -02’. It is a lovely dark tone shade in the tones of maroons. But I tell you, it’s not maroon or brown, it’s very different colour, very rich and looks good on all.

Diana of London Nail Polish Maple -02 Review


Description –

  • Trendy colour with super smooth, super wear and super shine formula enriched with Vitamin E.
  • Without Toluene, DBP and camphor.
  • Quick drying, chip resistant and shock proof.

Diana of London Nail Polish Maple -02 Review


How To Use –

Apply Base Coat: A base coatclear coat provides an ideal surface for nail polish. This step is optional but recommended. Applying a thin base coat to your nails will make your nail polish last longer and look smoother. Wait for 2 minutes to dry well.

Diana of London Nail Polish Maple -02 Review

Apply nail color of your choice: Applying polish can be tricky try to apply just enough to cover the nail without showing brush strokes. 
Dry After Each Coat: Each coat of nail polish should be given at least 5 -7 minutes to dry before another is applied or a top coat is applied. 

Diana of London Nail Polish Maple -02 Review

Clear Coat: Apply a top coat clear coat when your nails are completely dry. To help make sure your nails have dried completely try applying the final coat of polish half an hour before bed time and then apply the top coat in the morning

Cost –

Rs. 195 for 12ml 

The quantity provided at the cost is quite good. It is good quality nail paint. I am using it for almost 2 years (leave alone expiry dates ;)) and that too frequently but it dries up on my nails still with the same speed and has the same consistency. It doesn’t chip out soon and that’s when I am not using any top coat. Brush is good. No streaks, no bad looking lines, just good coverage with good pigmentation. It dries off quickly. I usually apply 2 coats of this nail paint and that’s enough or it will look black J
You will love this shade if you like dark colors. It doesn’t have any shimmer. It has a good staying power.

Diana of London Nail Polish Maple -02 Review

Diana of London Nail Polish Maple -02 Review

Pros –
  • Lovely shade.
  • Good staying power.
  • Fast dry formula and toluene , DBP, Camphor free.
  • Doesn’t chip soon.
  • Good quantity. Lasts long.
  • Inexpensive with the quality provided.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • Good quality brush. Leaves no streaks.
  • Enriched with Vitamin E (as claimed).
  • No formaldehydes.

Cons –

No cons at all.

Overall Rating –


I totally recommend this shade and will surely buy myself too when it finishes off. A perfect maroon but with a twist :)