Sunday, 27 July 2014

Way to Winter Wardrobe

Cozy winters can be turned to hottest season just by dressing appropriately for the falling temperatures. Everybody wants to add that Oomph factor to their look. This is to all the beautilicious ladies, if you plan on investing in a single piece this season, here are some fashion trends, you can choose according to your body type.

Fur Vests
This winter try to get over your old jacket or cozy knit, supplementing your wardrobe with a fur vest. It's in for fall and at the same time you will look best among the rest ;)


Be it in bright color, appealing tailoring or bold print, there are options  galore.'

Focus on simple and tailored jackets with nipped waist or flare hemlines to create curves from up and down of waist. You can also try jackets with different details such as pockets, large buttons or heavier texture, just remember to trim the waist line.

Make your season bright in French Connection's standout toggle coat, a chic outerwear pick. Oh, how I love this chic coat paired with black tights and high boots!!

Sometimes, a simple attire in black or white will look more lively and exotic when worn with a bold print coat. Let yourself  look cool and trendy this winter.

Puffy Jackets

Puffy jackets can be sleek and trendy, choose a curve-hugging, well-tailored version of this winter staple. And these puffy jackets look equally good on boys and girls.


Mega loop scarves

Mega loop scarves are so in right now. Offset their bulkiness with a fitted jacket and skinny pants, and there you are…real winter Diva.


Picking the Perfect Winter Hat
Fall's cooler temperatures signal that it's time for a topper—but don't forget the style potential of your choice, says hat designer Eugenia Kim. "It's the exclamation point to your outfit." Ms. Kim also has advice for avoiding the dreaded hat hair. "Pick a slightly bigger-sized hat," she says. "If it doesn't hug your head, you won't have hat head."

I hope you liked the styles and suggestions to rock these winters. Will come back soon with something special ;)
Till then, chill pill and enjoy :)


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Cover Girl Incredifull Lipcolor 948 Fine Wine Review and Swatches

Hello my friends :)

Its only Wednesday and I so feel like resting....not possible....but my heart!! problem. Another 2 days to go and weekend ;)
Now, that is some positive thinking...noooo!!

Ohk, lets come to today's review.
Today, I have laid my hands on an amazing lipstick from Covergirl that is very rich and plumping. Oh yes, you read right. It is plumping. My first one in that section.

What the brand says about this lipstick -

Moisturizing lipstick pumps-up your look and improves the overall condition of lips. 

Cover Girl Incredifull Lipcolor 948 Fine Wine

Product Information

Beautify your lips with the smooth touch of the CoverGirl Incredifull volumizing lip color. Be ready for a party or just another day, with the CoverGirl lip color that keeps your lips hydrated for a long time. The CoverGirl Incredifull comes in a wide variety of shades to match the outfit you wear. This volumizing lip color has vitamin B3, pro-vitamin B5, and vitamin E, which nourish your lips. Let your lips steal all the attention, as this CoverGirl lip color adds suppleness and volume to your lips.

  • Sheer, shiny lip shades that are true to you!
  • TruShine Lipcolor works with your natural undertones and complements 97% of skin tones

Ingredients -
Vitamin B3, Vitamin E
Action Type -
Moisturizing, Volumizing

Cover Girl Incredifull Lipcolor 948 Fine Wine

  My take on it :

A very good lipstick, beautiful shade – Fine Wine. Not the traditional wine shade, but a very light and actually fine version of it. Don’t go by name. It is not that dark, vampy wine shade. Very subtle yet rich. It complements all skin tones very nicely. It is smooth, glides on easily. It gives a tingling sensation after applying and has some plumping effect and hence gives a sexy pout for my beautiful gals ;). It is refreshing and lasts all day, it has very good staying power. It is not very moisturizing. In fact, it can dry out the lips and those with already dry lips should exfoliate and moisturize the lips before going for this lippie or any other drying, matte lippies.

The sad part is – this product has been discontinued by CoverGirl.

Cover Girl website says :

IF YOU WORE IncrediFULL Lipcolor
YOU’LL JUST LOVE CoverGirl LipPerfection LipColor

Cover Girl Incredifull Lipcolor 948 Fine Wine

So, a new similar range has been started by CoverGirl, if someone has tried it !!

But, to tell you the truth, these are worth a try and especially in summers, that tingling sensation gives a pleasure. Still available on ebay, one can stock it up. I got it as a gift from my dear friend else I would not have known about it but I would ask her to bring some more from me from this range.

Swatch :

Cover Girl Incredifull Lipcolor 948 Fine Wine

Cover Girl Incredifull Lipcolor 948 Fine Wine

Cover Girl Incredifull Lipcolor 948 Fine Wine

Cost :

No clear idea as it was a gift but ebay says US $18.

Pros :

  • Very rich and smooth.
  • Does plumping, resulting in a sexy pout.
  • Very long lasting.
  • No shimmer present.
  • Feels very good in summers due to its tingling sensation.
  • Color complements all.
  • Suitable for pigmented lips.

Cons :
  • Discontinued by CoverGirl but available on ebay.
  • Not a winish shade as its name.
  • Very less moisturizing and leads to cracking when wore alone.

Overall Rating :


I would not repurchase it as there are so many other good options available. But yes, I would happily use it again if I get it as a gift ;)
It is suitable for those looking for some non – shimmery, rich, long stay, plumping lip colour for pigmented lips. Nice colour and texture, you can always give it a try :)

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Types of Men You Should Never Date

Many girls out there have realistic or unrealistic expectations about finding the perfect man or you may say their dream man. Every girl dreams about having a man with a certain qualities. Also, when it comes to dating, there are so many creeps out there and it’s really very difficult to choose and trust someone. Well I can’t say exactly what the features of a perfect man are, but here are six kinds of men you should definitely stay away from:

Slovenly type:

Slovenly or slop represents that race of guy who has extremely low levels of personal hygiene. He often fails to take a bath even if going out, may forget to brush his teeth and yes he may indulge in nose digging sometime or other. It’s nearly impossible to live with such a guy, not even if you are in love.
Hehehe ..…. avoid ;)

Do Anything type:

Beware, this man is a big liar and will go to any length to get into your pants. He will shower you with oodles of compliments, will lie about how beautiful you look, flirt like crazy in love and will try to do everything and anything for you. Yes I know every girl wants such a guy in her life, who just pampers her with lots of love and compliments. But you know what, this kind of man usually disappears after uglies have been bumped, behaving like he doesn’t even know you and at the same time completely ignoring you, your calls and messages.

Chicken type: 

Honestly saying, a man should stand up for his woman no matter what. Every woman wants a man who is ready to defend her (although she can do it herself but still it feels good) and will stand up by her through all thick and thins of life. . But the chicken type will do no such thing. Gal, just forget about him ever protecting you, rather he will try to ignore the situation. He will never take any pain for you and for sure run if or whenever you need him. Better be alone than being with such a guy.

The Momma’s boy type:

It’s good to love your parents, right!! I know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a boy who loves his mother is so attached to her. But, this kind of boy isn’t looking for a girlfriend or wife but a substitute or replica of his mother. He will always keep telling you that his mother is best and knows everything and will always be ready to do anything to make his mum happy, even if it’s at stake of your happiness. Eventually all this will take your space and soon you will start feeling vexatious. And you gals must all be knowing how well his mom cooks and all that stuff!!
I run now!!

Superficial type: 

For this type of man, looks are everything. He will be more interested in what you’re wearing, how you look, how you dress and are you hot enough to be his girlfriend. Your feelings, your intelligence, your dreams are of no consequence to him.  He will give attention to every women at least about their looks and dressing.  My suggestion is go for a guy who loves you as you are and not want you to look like a modal or dummy. So if you are looking for a long term relationship this type of guy is definitely not the one you are looking for.
Skip him. 

Self Obsessed type:

This kind of man is really very annoying, he loves himself so much that he will keep talking about himself and his achievements. You know he is drop dead gorgeous or at least he thinks so even if he is just bearable. He will try to show how much he knows about anything and everything and will try to bring himself in any conversation. Yes, I know every gal wants to know about her guy but trust me there is nothing more annoying than a guy who is more interested in himself than you.

Wicker type:

This type of man is a cribber or you may say an extraordinary complainer who just cribs about everything around. You will notice he has a problem with people, with music, with relatives, neighbours,  with economy as well as with planet and universe. Stay away from him, as life is about being happy with everything around and not being guilty about it.

Robot type:

This type of guy basically acts like a robot as he is happy to flow with the river of live. He has no dreams and passions of his own. He just gets influenced with others so much that he doesn’t even use his own brain. He will make your life dull and bore….better stay away.

So girlies, now you know who to avoid and who to pick!! Go, get a life, full of happiness and a prefect man ;)
Boyz, if you are reading, don't mind please, its a normal categorization. You obviously are not any of these :) :)

Ohh, I have changed the look of blog, pour in your suggestions. I am waiting :)