Friday, 27 June 2014

Look Your Best on Your Special Occasion

Hey Friends!!

Weekend is here and that is making me happy :) what are your plans!!

Weddings are so interesting and once in a lifetime sort of thing. But when you start doing shopping, you feel like nothing is happening and all the designs and clothes start looking just the same. Tough decisions you have to make. I am in the same dilemma these days. So many online shops and stores I am checking out daily but unable to  zero-in on something spectacular yet within budget. I want to get some beautiful gown sort of thing for my engagement and for that I am relying on online stores only. While searching, I found something amazing!! Read on Read on :)

So, today, I am going to introduce you to some awesomeness. Yes. I have come across an amazing website, where you can choose that special dress for your very special occasion – Wow, they have an amazing collection of everything, be it their evening dresses, wedding gowns, prom dresses, cocktail dresses, everything is marvelous there. Oh, they have some celebrity replica collection also, if you are a fan of that ;)

So, if you feel, you don't want to go for shopping and just want something fabulous for you, while relaxing at home, then you are at the right place :). Browse through the collection and get something new and fresh for you. The good part is that they have various discounts running on their website that makes all those lovely outfits so affordable. Also, they do custom tailoring and ship everywhere. Perfect!!

I would suggest that if you like something in particular from the website, just ask the customer care once, if that can be done in your choice of color and cloth material, embellishments etc. so that you don’t feel ditched when the dress arrives. They offer customized tailoring, they have conversion charts, so go for that and give proper measurements. Any alterations can be done later but at least you get the size almost yours and not that you won’t fit into the dress. I have got dresses from such online stores 2-3 times and thankfully, they have never failed me. Fingers crossed :)

I have my personal favourites at the website. I especially love their wedding gowns and their bridesmaid collection. The short prom dresses are superb and reasonable too. Some dresses that I chose from their collection for pleasuring your eyes :) –

Short / Long Prom Dresses

Oh, how intricate the lace work is and the net also seems to be super fine quality. Perfect for proms!!

Wedding Gowns


 I am loving both!! I love Tulle but they have as many varieties as possible to suit everyone's taste.

Cocktail Dresses

 Awww, how I love that bow!! and that LBD is also perfect for cocktail parties. The right cuts at right places :)

Bridesmaid dresses

 I loved their bridesmaid collection just too much. See the simple flowy fabrics of dresses. I love georgettes and chiffons, so light, so elegant!!

Evening Dresses

Great pieces, no!!

You should look best on your special occasions.  You are the limelight and are being clicked!! Photographs are lifetime and are always wonderful memories for those beautiful moments. So, don't compromise. Go for the best !!

So, friends, have a look at the online store and take your pick. They don't charge any shipping for orders above 200 pounds. Now, that's a bonus. Do try them and I am sure you too will love them :)

I am soon going to get mine!!

Enjoy Shopping :)

Happy Weekend!!


Friday, 20 June 2014



What happened....ohhhh I got lasik done for my eyes...wanna know more, then go to previous post :)

Lasik done successfully and I feel so happy, so liberated now :)

Oh...did I tell you I am a fan of bronzers. In fact, I am addicted to whole makeup stuff but the sculpted look that bronzers give, I just love that!!

In my search of a perfect matt bronzer, I came across this lovely product from MAC – MAC Matt Bronze. I visited MAC to try some lippie, but just out of curiosity, I asked her to find some perfect matt bronzer for me and there she came with this bronzer and applied it on the hollows of my cheeks. Boy!! What a perfect result. My cheeks looked as if I have sucked them in. I decided to buy it there and then only.


But, but, but....

It was out of stock J. Yeah... But that made me more persistent to buy this matt bronzer. I became like an obsession!!

After almost 2-3 months, I could get my hands on it and till today, this is the best matt bronzer I have used. A touch here and there and the look becomes perfectly contoured. I love the way it helps me with contouring so easily. Little product and lots of blending and I am done J.



Blending is the key to get perfect contouring. Don’t ever go for lots of product but they key is little product and lots of blending. Try it darlings, it works J.

Works perfectly for fair skin tones like NC 30-35 or some near bys but again I would advise you to try it beforehand as you would not like to waste your money!! I have seen this not working for NC40, as this one doesn’t show up on NC40 properly and doesn’t seem to be doing anything.



Packaging -

There is no brush or applicator provided with the case and you have to invest separately for that and if you want it from MAC, then again you have to shell a good amount. That I don’t like much as the product is already costly and some applicator should have been provided within the case itself.
The packaging is quite sturdy, typical MAC, black round case containing bronzer in pressed form.


Texture -

The bronzer is good material and texture, nice finely milled powder. The product doesn’t get wasted due to its pressed form and you can take out how much ever you want through brush.


Pigmentation –

You have to repeat the taking out process at least 3-4 times, to get take out enough product for contouring of your cheeks only. I think I would finish it soon if I use it frequently. The colour comes out quite good but yeah, not in 1 swipe. You need to do it 3-4 times to get required look.

Staying Power –

It lasts and lasts long. Quite good staying power, say, around 4-5 hours easily, but  not more than that. I have seen better!! But no rubbing...tugging allowed as it is powder form J.

What MAC says about it –

A lightly frosted tinted powder that gives skin sheer, natural colour effects  and highlights. Ideal for enhancing a skin tone or to accent or strengthen a tan. Skin – conditioning and formulated to provide a smooth, even application on all skin types.

It comes in 4 colours – Golden, Refined Golden, Bronze, Matt Bronze


Ingredients -


Price –

$39 for 10gm.



Pros –
  • Great contouring shade.
  • Very soft and smooth texture wise.
  • Blending is very easy.
  • Good quantity given – 10ml.
  • Works great as a blush/ bronzer.
  • Good travel friendly packaging.
  • No breakouts.
  • Decent Staying power.
  • Perfect matt finish, no shimmers at all.
  • Good for daily wear, it doesn’t look fake. Gives a natural finish.

Cons –
  • Little product comes up on the brush in single swipe. At least 3-4 swipes are needed for it to appear on skin properly.
  • No applicator/brush provided in the case.

MFF Rating –


A great product and my favourite, I totally adore this for its quality and easy usability and would certainly repurchase this. I would recommend it to all but would advise to first try it at some store as all bronzers don’t suit all skin tones. You have to find your perfect contouring shade. MAC has many options so I am sure you would find your perfect shade J.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Wings in Green - EOTD

Hey Beauties :)

A Good News – I have got C-Lasik done for my eyes and now I have got rid of my spectacles. No more specs or lens burden I have to bear. I am a free girl now and a happier one too J. My new cat eye frame goes waste now and I am happy for that too. All new, all fresh, I will get to see through my bare naked eyes ;)

Winged Green eye makeup

So, how was the procedure of c- lasik and what I felt for that, I will discuss sometime later as I have been suggested full rest from any work related to eyes and so, no laptop, no phone, no TV and no outings for me!! Tough na!!

This also makes up for the fact that I will be blogging lesser now for next 1 month at least. Almost MIA :)

So, till the time I come back with full force with all my fresh vision and eyes, and new makeup looks, I present to you, my green winged EOTD with my checkered green lenses ON!! To tell you the truth, I loved my green lenses. I had many green lenses, powered ones, and I think, I will get some even after my lasik, as I quite like the look of green in my eyes. And as that is not god gift, I will have to resort to artificial lenses. Wot Say!!

Enjoy the pics now :)

Winged Green eye makeup

Winged Green eye makeup

Winged Green eye makeup

Winged Green eye makeup

Winged Green eye makeup

Winged Green eye makeup

Winged Green eye makeup

I really do hope you liked my eye makeup. Do tell me how you liked the touch of green in my eyes!!
Shower me with your love and I really do hope to come back soon after recovering properly from my c-lasik. Do share with me if you have any queries on lasik too. I would be happy to help you in any way possible. 

You wanna have a glimpse of my latest FOTD? Then check out here – Jewelled Headband FOTD

Be in touch.

Love you all
Ritcha :)