Monday, 26 May 2014

Flaunt Fringes - In Vogue This Season

Make a style statement with fringes this season. Fringes are so in vogue these days – all sort, all type. Fringes always have a serious star following and so, the loyal followers always go up.

As per your taste and liking, you can go for fringes anywhere , be it our hair, our bags, shoes, dress, anything!! You have to like it and you can get it in different lengths, patterns or colours.

Today, I have got a collection for you with fringes holding a center spot. I have got fringes in dresses, hair, shoes and many more things. Have a look and take your pick J

OK. Let's start with Miley Cyrus. She sports fringes effortlessly- her hair, her shoes...ohhh wow!!

Check out this fringe gown in pristine white...looks so stylish and chic!!

oh my my.....see those fringes she is sporting on her shoes!! Quite high on!!
And again, her hair fringe looks too cute on her face...suits her so well.

Such a cute fringy flat sandals. Easy to carry around and high on glam quotient!!

Such a disco dress!! Yeah,,,fringes everywhere :)

Such a cute brown dress from Roberto Cavalli and those dual toned fringes, make the dress look so glam!!

and the sexy matching heels from Steve Madden

Check out Priyanka Chopra in this beautiful blue dress with thigh high slit and fringes falling all over...
so chic!!

Bollywood Divas sporting fringed dresses so effortlessly while looking fab & stylish :)

My best bet - suede heels on the fringe from Christian Louboutin - All Fired Up ;)

Yo...that's it. End on Fringes this time!!
Hope you all loved my compilation and now, will be getting something fringey for you too ;) my lovely friends!!
Do share your love and views.
I am always waiting :)


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor EDT Spray

  White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor EDT Spray

The Scent Story 

Here is a soft and fresh floral fragrance by Elizabeth Taylor for women to celebrate their femininity by indulging in an alluring fragrance. Scent with wealth of sensuality and freshness, Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds will surely capture your heart. This sultry scent was created by the perfumer Sophia Grojsman in the year 1991.

Fragrance Notes

This soft and casual fragrance belongs to the floral aldehyde family and has woody and warm spicy notes in it.


This is an ideal evening wear scent.

Safety Information

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep away from naked flame or direct heat sources. Do not apply to sensitive skin. Do not apply to broken or inflamed skin. If irritation develops, reduce frequency or discontinue use.

  White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor EDT Spray


Notes: Neroli, Lily, Tuberose, Orris, Narcisse, Amber, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Oakmoss


Important: Keep in cool dry places.

My Experience with White Diamonds  EDT –

I love its scent. 
Very feminine, it is so beautiful. 
It lasts forever. 
It gets you showers of compliments. 
It is strong yet pleasant. 
Prettiest bottle.

Ohhhh...I am all praise for this beauty :)

I am using it for 4 years now and I never get bored with it. Actually, I use it like a treasure, a luxury (and it is). It is a very unusual smell and I didn’t fell in love with it instantly. But when you use it, you get so used to it that you love it. It is addictive. Very small quantity is required to envelope you in a white floral tropical haze. Only one or two sprays are enough and it will linger with you whole day. It creates love and romance aura around you and makes you feel positive.

The bottle is also very classy yet sexy. Clean glass bottle with fine golden cap and crystals on the cap make it true luxury. Yeah....they are so fine and encrusted beautifully, further making it a treat, a luxury.

  White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor EDT Spray

It is surely worth a try but keep an open mind to fall for its demure fragrance. You may take some time getting used to it but then, it can become your pal for life ;).

Cost –

I got it as a gift from my loving sister :), so no money for me….hehehe.

Quantity –

100 ml (quite a big bottle that never finishes off J - I use it very sparingly seeing the cost J)

Pros –
  • Strong but pleasant fragrance.  Feels clean and fresh.
  • Very feminine.
  • Long lasting. Lingers whole day or may be 2 days if you want to ;)
  • Very small quantity is required.
  • Doesn’t evaporate from the bottle on its own.
  • Draws compliments and do we love that !!
  • Not Overpowering
  • Sensual and sexy.
  • Very little quantity required hence the bottle goes a long way.

Cons –
  • Expensive.
  • Available only on online stores.
  • Strong fragrance. May not be bearable to very sensitive noses.

Overall Rating –


This is definitely the best perfume I have used till date and I am totally in love with this, my most treasured one. I would definitely recommend and repurchase this :) 
A full 5 on 5 for this beauty.

Monday, 19 May 2014

How to Get Flawless Skin

Smooth canvas is every painter's dream.
And so is a flawless smooth face for a makeup artist!!

But don't we too love flawless skin. It s every girl's dream to have smooth, even and clear skin, irrespective of the skin tones or complexions. If the skin texture is good, you save all those extra hours of makeup and concealing and even a BB cream works perfectly. Right!!

Flawless skin is every woman’s dream, and we all want to look our best all the time. However, flawless skin is not a job of one day or two. We need to invest time daily in a skincare regimen for better results. Daily care a must for flawless skin. Not that regular washing or cleansing will do much to your skin. Those masks and peels or scrubs are also necessary once in a while but taking care of your skin daily is a must. It should not be neglected.


Always make sure you wash your face before applying makeup. Choose a soap-free face cleanser with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Neem.


After cleansing, use a good toner. Toning is the best way to prepare your skin to face the day. It firms up the skin and prevents acne. Natural toner can also be used in the form of rose water. I will do a separate article for that.


Moisturising seals in water, which is essential for supple and younger looking skin. Look for moisturisers that contain time-tested herbal ingredients like aloe vera, which hydrates, winter cherry that helps your skin cells to regenerate and grape extracts, which fight early signs of aging. Moisturising is necessary for every skin type. No excuse for oily skin, but a suitable water based moisturiser should be used.

Scrub away

Healthy skin constantly renews and regenerates itself. To help this process along, it is vital to eliminate dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. Use an exfoliating facial scrub made of apricot, neem or walnut twice a week to get rid of these dead cells.

Masks and Peels

Deep cleansing once a week with an herbal facial mask will unclog pores, draw out impurities, tone and hydrate your skin. However, don’t be harsh. Use gentle scrubs made of papaya and cucumber.

Further, I would advise you to -
  • Resist the temptation to touch your face as I know, with oily skin comes acne and that makes us to reach again and again to our face. But don't. Resist as much as possible. It will worsen the condition only.
  • Use oil blotting papers.
  • Never squeeze your pimples.
  • Buy a good quality cleanser, toner, moisturizer, exfoliant and mask.
  • Follow the above mentioned regime twice a day.
  • Stick to your routine.

The routine will take some time to adjust. It may scare you initially and your skin may start reacting in strange ways but don't be afraid. It will be for good. Give this whole routine a month and I am sure you will be beautified by then and will thank me ;) hehehe....

Following a good regime for your skin will always benefit you. Do take out some time and start doing it from today. And don't forget to share with me your experiences. I would be dying to read more about it from you :)

Now some lines -

People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing you are the beholder -  Salma Hayek

Do share your views and comments.

Love ya,
Ritcha :)

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Dual Toned Lips – A Hot Trend

Lips are seductive and considered to be one of our best assets, but after our eyes J.

I personally love experimenting with various lip colours and lip trends, may it be some nude colours or brighter ones, nudish colours or dual tones, shimmery, glossy, ALL!!

Now that I have a platform here to share with you what I like, I will show you and share with you many of the trends and styles of lips. Today, I am starting with Ombre lips. You must have seen Ombre lips in the famous Orange – Fuschia combination which I also love but I have created my own variants and I do hope you like mine too J.

Now what is Ombre – It is a graduation of colours from dark towards light. At the one end, it is dark but on the other end, it gradually lightens. Ombre trend can be followed for lips, hair, clothes.

For ombre lips, we can do either the two-tone trick or we can go for multi-toned look also. I have created various looks – first one with pink-purple and second with the colours  red-gold-dark brown outline then the famous orange-fuschia and last, a very light one comprising of pinks and nudes.

So, here, gals, Ombre Lips ready for you ;)

Dual Toned Lips – A Hot Trend

Dual Toned Lips – A Hot Trend

Dual Toned Lips – A Hot Trend

Dual Toned Lips – A Hot Trend

Dual Toned Lips – A Hot Trend

Dual Toned Lips – A Hot Trend

I am really excited to know your views on these lip make ups and do tell me which one you liked better!!
Ask me anything about makeup and beauty, you want to!!

Waiting for your lovely comments and your views J

Love you loads,

Ritcha J

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Celebrity Fashion - Hits and Misses

Hey guys!!

I am here today with a post on celebrity fashion hits and flops. It never means that we don't do blunders or we are always perfect with our dressing but then, we are not celebrities we are not in public limelight. No one cares about how we look when we go outdoors. 
But theses celebrities are always in limelight and all fans and media are always after them to capture their good moments and if possible, some bad or worse once which always bring them more popularity and publicity.
Today we will see some of the disasters in fashion scene created by our own very famous celebrities whom we adore for their acting skills and fashion sense. To counter the post and to balance out I have compiled drab dressing and fab dressing both so that by the end of the post, we will not be afraid of fashion and our belief in fashion will remain intact. 

I will start with our very beautiful and gorgeous Selena Gomez. She is a teen icon and so many of us look upto her. But it seems that she is out in night wear with a blazer on top of it just to give it a party feel and yes, the topping - those pink shoes!!
All the rest of the dresses look so fab on her and are an instant hit. A pretty red gown with red lips and my personal favourite - that black dress with a touch of purple - cute, no!!

Rihanna is a show stopper. She can turn any normal moment in a fashion galore. But, somehow, the dress is not clicking to me - a romper inside and a blingy coat outside with a cleopatra wig. May be, its me only!!
Then, she comes in that pretty red gown and clears up the air. Again perfect - dress, makeup and hair - all as we want to see Rihanna.

Jessie J hits the red carpet with frosting on her lips!! We are not able to check out her semi sheer catsuit properly as her violet pout is so obviously distracting.
Then she is there in a silver metallic gown which seems to be pretty heavy. But she is carrying it effortlessly and she looks great in those fringes.

Geez and Wow!!
Seems like our little pretty star from Harry Potter is still carrying some pieces from the movie as the dress under consideration here looks like a seriously big bow!!. teamed up with a sequined top and white miniskirt.
Cute this time, safe colours- black and white. Black sequinned top and white bottom, looks so pretty om Emma, an A+ for her.

Katy Perry is experimental with clothes always and succeeds almost in every look. But this time, she shows off her cute flowery frock lesser and that cleavage is so much more obvious plus her flippy hair which are not doing anything for her beauty!!
And now see her in the stunning pink gown with black detailing on side and a cute fringy perfect she looks here...again an A+ :)

The oh-so-cute Anne Hathway in a fringy, so fussy black top and black pants which are doing nothing for her figure. Not my style.
Devil Wear Prada Star in enormous gowns which look so pretty on her and the colours do justice to her beauty. A trailing gown and a blue one by Armani....perfect!!

Gwyneth Paltrow must be having some fetish for blacks and whites and that too with sheer sides. Oh yes, the dress is chic but sometimes, it looks OTT. That black sequinned number with closed pointed black shoes don't look flattering on the eternal beauty.
And here comes one of the finest beauties and actress in a gorgeous pink gown looking so like a barbie. Thats how we like to see her, no!!

Uma Thurman is adventurous, either with her choice of movies or her dressing. I personally love this superwoman ;). But this time, the white pajama top with black piping and the black silky skirt are not much for her.
She looks so sexy and demure in that pink gown and that blue one too. Lovely and gorgeous she look sin both. A fab and hit one for me ;).

Sonam has a great sense of fashion and styling and she never fails in that field most of the time. But, I feel, this red satiny full skirted frock is not looking flattering on her plus her wrongly contoured and highlighted face is pulling the whole look down.
This amazing white saree of Sonam teamed up with a long golden floor touching sequinned word for this - AWESOME. Fab dressing, fab makeup and that nathini - all perfect - an A+++ for her on all fronts.

Yeah - I end this post with Aishwarya Rai Bacchan who has always been loved by all for her eternal beauty, pure beauty but has also been criticized for her sense of fashion most of the time.
In the Miss wala pic where there are 3 pics of Aishwarya's, not that all the dresses are drab or a failure but the whole look is just not coming right. May it be the hairstyle or dress or makeup, but she doesn't look like a fashion icon here and her aura doesn't come up perfectly here.
Then she comes in her demure figure in those body hugging well fitted dresses which look so flattering on her and again, make her look like the DIVA that she is, no doubt about that!!

That's all for now, my friends. I really loved compiling and writing this post. I hope you have also enjoyed the post as much as I have.
Do share with me your love and your views or comments on how you liked the compilation and whether you feel like me or not!!

Always love you,

Ritcha :)

Monday, 5 May 2014

My First Post on My Fashion Footprints

A Very Good Day!!

I am so happy today. I can’t believe I am writing my first post here on my new baby blog – My Fashion Footprints. The feeling is aahhhhmazzziiiinnngggg....
Nothing much today. Just want to get the feel, want to enjoy the pleasure it’s giving me, want to immerse in it :).
Just to transfer my enthusiasm a little bit to you too, I want you to know that we will soon be going for some best photography shots from our very own land – Australia. And some outfit posts ;)
and some makeup products ;) and something about travel ;) ....hahahaha. I will not stop once I start. Just wait n watch. You will fall in love <3

rainbow australia

Wait for my new one ;)

Love you lots,
Ritcha :)

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